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Astoria Current is a resort with a beachfront that’s located at Station 3 in Boracay Island. It has consistently been a top choice for vacationers to stay in this resort during their visit to the island. With Astoria Current’s excellent services and bright and energetic ambiance, not to mention, their very friendly staff, they were given the title as the #1 Winner in the Top 25 Hotels in the Philippines Category in 2019 and also got the #1 spot out of the 168 hotels in Boracay in 2020 on TripAdvisor.

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How We Helped Them:

We designed a website for Astoria Current that’s both desktop and mobile responsive. With a website that’s customized for branding, we stuck with the bright and energetic colors of Astoria Current and incorporated them as the website layout’s dominant colors. Each page is carefully thought out, displaying the various amenities and features that the resort possesses.

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