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At Wazile, we treat you as our partners. Think of us as the extension of your marketing department. We don’t just do random cookie-cutter online marketing formulas for your business. All our digital marketing services are tailored fit to suit your industry and match your goals. Because we treat your business as our own, we do everything to make sure that your customers receive the best online experience possible.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most common starting point of customers is search engines so your brand has to be where it can be found by your target market – the first page of Google. By studying your business, our SEO services are customized to bring you maximum visibility to bring you relevant traffic.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

By engaging your followers with content that speaks directly to them in platforms they are most comfortable in, social media management has the ability to convert those followers to loyal customers. Your brand is given a voice, which your customers can actually communicate with.

Facebook Ads & Marketing

With Facebook being the most popular social media platform in the Philippines, businesses should never ignore the limitless possibilities of advertising in Facebook. We ensure that your Facebook ads are shown to your target market, not just anyone who uses this platform.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC ads bring you instant traffic and results. However, when PPC is not done right, you end up spending a lot without having significant returns. We make sure your PPC ads appear where your audience is, bringing you the results you deserve.

Instagram Ads & Marketing

Pictures speak a thousand words. And while you may have the best photos in Instagram, are they visible to your target audience? With highly targeted Instagram ads, we make sure that your photos are seen by your target market.

Content Marketing

Even with all the changes in the digital marketing landscape, content will always remain king. Allow us to create engaging content that educates and speaks directly to your customers, making your website the central hub of information. Take note, great content is always shared in social media channels.


Let us help you get your DIGITAL MARKETING done!

We’re excited to hear from you so we can start collaborating!

Let us help you get your DIGITAL MARKETING done!

We’re excited to hear from you so we can start collaborating!

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Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools, therefore, setting up an effective strategy or campaign can drive excellent results to you website or platform.

FAQs on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing agencies are more up to date with the latest trends and approaches. They work with not just one client—they work with others as well! It allows them to expand their ideas, concepts and approaches to different types of industries. Compared to an in-house digital marketer, that person only works for you and they may not be up to date which can cause them to just circle around the same ideas they have again and again.

Freelancers can do the job for you, but are YOU willing to just stick to the same ideas that they probably repeat to their other clients too? In digital marketing agencies, there are more than just one brain working—they have a team that can work for what you need, making a lot of unique possible approaches that can work for your business.

Today’s time is the era of the internet. Users are more inclined to interact with an ad that they can get right away in a few clicks compared to an ad that is on the television that would take a while for them to get. Digital marketing makes it easy to reach potential customers all around the world wherever your business is based. Effective digital marketing can make it easier for you!

It can be cost-efficient, real time results, easily expand your business and reach your potentials customers anywhere in the world. Digital marketing can help increase your conversion rate for it paves ways for better interaction between you and your target audience. It is way more effective than traditional marketing.

Did you know that 84% purchases online are caused by impulsive buying? This is due to no-planning and just seeing a product or service online that they are interested in makes them want to get it right away!

Yes! It benefits small to large businesses! It is an affordable way to implement different approaches for your campaigns. You are a few steps behind other businesses if your business have not tried digital marketing.

Good digital marketing agencies have effective marketing strategies that can help your business. One of the best things to look at are their case studies.

Our strategy differs from the type of need and industry. We don’t do random formulas for your business. We make sure that they are tailored-fit to your business needs to be patterned with your goals.


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