6 Instagram Marketing Tips That Will Get You Great Results

Posted on: May 21st, 2018 by Patricia Besana | No Comments
instagram marketing tips

Instagram has turned into one of the most popular and engaging social application for many. It has over 8 million users using the application and has proven to become a social media platform for not just for personal use but for businesses as well. There are about 80 million photos uploaded every single day through […]

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3 Ways Digital Marketing Has Changed in 2018

Posted on: May 18th, 2018 by Patricia Besana
social media

Different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to grow their platforms in order to be up to date and for digital marketing or e-commerce. Business owners are ensuring to be updated with the upgrades on each platform to know what’s new to engage with their number of following or potential consumers. […]

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The Secret to a High-Converting Website

Posted on: April 6th, 2018 by Patricia Besana
secret high converting website

Every website’s ultimate goal is to convert visitor leads into clients. Have you ever thought what do websites do to achieve being one of the highest converting sites? Companies have different structure approaches towards conversion optimization. The answer to the secret is simple. Give the customers what they want. It is about the customers as […]

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Branding: The New Advertising

Posted on: March 30th, 2018 by Patricia Besana

Branding and advertising are two different types of marketing strategies. Some people think that advertising is tactical while branding is strategic. These two works closely together and both only has one goal, to persuade an audience in availing your product or service. But in today’s time, why can branding be the new advertising? Let’s find […]

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Is It Time for You to Rebrand Your Company?

Posted on: March 29th, 2018 by Tisha Jaranilla

Rebranding your company… what a daunting task, right? While it seems so much easier to stick with what we have been using for so many years, change is inevitable. The nature of the market place constantly changes so at some point, a company or a business will really have to rebrand itself.. Rebranding doesn’t always […]

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Website Design Trends in the Philippines for 2018

Posted on: March 21st, 2018 by Patricia Besana
web design trends

Chatbots, animation, asymmetry and richer background patterns started back in 2017 and now it’s about to grow more this 2018. Web designs lately has started to have purpose, aside from making it appealing to your readers or potential consumers, some have been interactive and innovative where users get to get in touch closer to the […]

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The Price of an Unmaintained Website

Posted on: March 16th, 2018 by Patricia Besana
web maintenance

Some people avoid getting website maintenance as they think that it’s not essential to their website. But in reality, IT IS! Outdated websites can cost you more than being maintained. Unmaintained websites are websites that have not receive software, code or framework updates, leaving it vulnerable and unsecured. As online presence of businesses and online usage […]

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8 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Posted on: March 9th, 2018 by Patricia Besana
Reasons to Redesign your Website // Website Design

There are several things to consider to have a website redesigned. Think of it that your website is like a person, first impression is really important, right?. It tells a lot about that person. In websites, it is the same. It reflects a lot about the company. It is an essential element to visitors to […]

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SEO Trends in 2018: What to Expect

Posted on: December 22nd, 2017 by Tisha Jaranilla

The ever-changing rules of the game is what makes Search Engine Optimization complex and challenging, yet exciting. Because search engines constantly improve to give searchers the most relevant search results possible, what was once an important ranking factor have been reduced to nothingness. Algorithms change and in a blink of an eye, they also arise […]

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Brick and Mortar vs Online Stores: Lessons We Can Learn from Every Retail Giants’ Bankruptcy

Posted on: September 21st, 2017 by Tisha Jaranilla

Another one bites the dust and just like the many other brick and mortar retailers in the US, well-renowned toy store, Toys ‘R’ Us, has recently filed for bankruptcy. The reason is the same as the others – debt and the unrelenting efforts of online retail giants like Amazon. (Source: Bloomberg News) With the world […]

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