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Every Nation Campus is the online resource center of Every Nation Campus Philippines where you can find tools for student leaders and campus missionaries. They provide relevant tools for student leaders and campus missionaries. This is to effectively conduct campus outreach, student discipleship and leader development.

When it comes to having events, being prepared is a must. That was what Every Nation Campus (ENC) did, but, they needed someone to help them achieve in creating a website that is complex and filled with animations.


Every Nation Campus Mobile

The Challenge

Every Nation Campus had an upcoming event that needed a website with complex design and animation. They needed someone to develop it right on time for the event. Having a website filled with animations may be a bit tough to work with for some designers and developers, therefore some might be hesitant to work on a project like this.


Every Nation Campus Website

The Process

Despite of having a design that is complex, we managed to make it work to bring their ideas to life. We helped them by converting a design to a Mobile Responsive CMS Website. Having it converted can make their website compatible with mobile phones too since mobile phones is the most used device by most of us nowadays.

We developed the website making it more interactive and with complex animation to achieve their a more innovative and youthful look.


The Outcome

For some, it would take quite much longer to develop a professional website that is complex and filled with animations, but we made it possible for it to happen. With our help, the website was made right on time for the event ad our client was satisfied with how the outcome.


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