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How We Helped Them

Malu Galang is a sought-after and dynamic international speaker for team building workshops, image enhancement seminars, leadership development, customer service, personality development and personal effectiveness. She has conducted seminars in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. She has more than fifteen years of experience in training and development. She is also the founder of KamustaHost, a Filipino hospitality customer service training and education. Malu Galang Mobile View

The Challenge

Brands are not just limited to products and services, but even people can be brands themselves. This is to Malu Galang, who is a dynamic international speaker that needed a website that could help her stand out as a brand herself.

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The Process

We helped Malu Galang design and develop a website that shows an instant visual representation of her brand. This allows her to have a digital portfolio of her work and identity. It is also mobile-responsive, allowing users to view her website anywhere they go with any kind of device that they use. We also helped her with her website’s web hosting which makes her website visible to the internet whenever a person searches it up.

The Outcome

Malu Galang has achieved a personal and professional website that can help increase her credibility as an international speaker. Her website can easily reach anyone in the world along with her digital portfolio including her programs, people will be able to know more about her and what she offer to help develop people and in producing leaders. Her website allows her to publish her own blogs as well, making the people that reads it know her insights as one of the best professional speaker in the Philippines.

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