Multi-Development and Construction Corporation or MDCC has been in the construction industry for more than 4 decades and is continuing to develop many more notable projects that exhibit artistry and opulence in architectural building and interior design. They take pride in the comprehensive range of services they offer such as interior design fit-out EPC, marine leisure, parametric real estate developments, fabrication and production capabilities, material engineering innovations, and global material supply chains.

How We Helped Them:

MDCC lacked an online presence on social media platforms, so we helped them strategize and create an effective social media marketing campaign to get them to potentially reach more clients on Facebook and LinkedIn. We also revamped their old website through our web design and development services and combined it with web hosting services to help them launch a new one that clients can easily navigate through and be properly informed of the service they offer. To further boost MDCC’s search engine rankings and make them more accessible on search engines, we provided them with SEO and SEM (PPC Ad) services.

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