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Metaformation is a high-quality rack and shelving systems supplier in the Philippines. They ensure your system works for effectivity and efficiency at the most affordable rate without compromising the quality, functionality, and visual presentation of our product. Metaformation wanted to provide concepts, ideas and systems to more people or users that needs their services. In order for that to happen, we helped them with our services that we offer. Metaformation Mobile

The Challenge

Online presence was non-existent with Metaformation, even a website. Since they aim to drive in more sales, they were figuring out what would be the best solution to drive in those sales and therefore, they have thought about having a website. They are also in need of a professional office workstation and network maintenance for their staffs.

Metaformation Website

The Process

With our web design and development service, we helped them build a Mobile Responsive CMS Website. Their website is perfect with different types of devices, from desktops to your mobile phones. It will now be easier for users to search their website and their services and offers that they have. We have also provided Office Technical Maintenance and Support. This is wherein we setup their network that regulates the staffs access to restricted websites and proper dissemination of connection. Maintaining their workstations are about having their software and hardware are properly working. We have also quick resolution on their technical issues whenever they have one.

The Outcome

Metaformation has established their credibility online when their website was launched. They finally have an online presence wherein users can see their catalog of products from their website and can easily access and inquire by just contacting them straight from their website. They also don’t have to worry about their office’s technical issues as we are here for quick response to resolve issues. Because of this, the business’ workflow will remain uninterrupted.

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