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Parklane Commercial Corporation is a PVC Pipe Supplier in the Philippines, they also supply Polycarbonate Sheets, ERA PPR and other more products. They help local contractors, retailers and even user with high-standard construction materials at a reasonable and competitive cost. Most businesses today can be seen in the online world. You can easily buy and purchase online. Parklane thought of being innovative, interactive, and modern, especially in today’s time. Because of that, we have helped them to step up their game online. Parklane Commercial Corp Mobile

The Challenge

Parklane had no online presence. No social media pages, no website. They wanted to create a website that will serve as their online portfolio to showcase their products and their projects. They also wanted to increase their visitors that will purchase their products and especially, increase their sales. With our help, we are making all possible for it to happen to help Parklane achieve their needs.

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The Process

They have been our client since 2012. We collaborated with them and partnered in improving their online presence. Since online trends tend to differ in just an extremely short span, we continuously update their website’s design. We have also improved their searchability through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for users can easily find Parklane’s website and purchase what they need through their website or social media sites. We have also helped them with their logo’s design making it more improved. We have also helped them on their Social Media Marketing, especially on Facebook which they can gather or have a huge market that can be easily reached.

The Outcome

After improving their online presence, they have achieved having their portfolio and catalogs that can be easily seen by their customers and potentials clients. They are currently maintaining a credible standing as well. Their online inquiries have also increased. Through Social Media Marketing, they have increased inquiries, likes, followers and especially sales. They have also achieve being on the first page on search engines. Up to this date, Parklane has been experiencing great results from the changes and improvements done to them in the online world.

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