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T-top Philippines Facebook T-Top Professional Philippines provides individuals, hairdressers and salons professional hair products for hair care, hair treatments and styling. They offer different hair products such as Fiber Rebonding, Hair Color Creme, Hair Masks, and more. T-top Philippines Instagram

The Challenge

T-Top Professional Philippines did have online presence, but they were not targeting their market that they want to. They wanted to target not just the salons, but as well as the end-users as well. This is for the end-users or individuals will look for T-Top Professional products in different salons. Their social posts are repetitive both on Instagram and on Facebook. T-Top aimed to produce better good online content, but lacked time to produce them due to running their business. Therefore they resulted to us here in WAZILE to help them enhance their online presence. T-top Philippines

The Process

We started our process by creating a content plan in order to have a definite plan set when posting in different social media platforms. We mainly post the content that was created on Facebook and Instagram since they have started building their presence there. These platforms are can also easily reach their target market. We revamped whatever can be found on their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) that needed to be updated and changed. This includes their profile photo, header or cover photo, their Facebook and Instagram, name, username, URL, About, Story and removed unnecessary and repetitive posts that doesn’t reflect their brand or product. We also created content to be boosted in order to reach a wider range of their target market. More than 10 posts are being created and are posted every month in order to keep their online presence active. T-top Philippines

The Outcome

We are continuously helping T-Top Professional Philippines to strive and reach their goals in the world of social media. At this moment, they have gained more than 3,000 likes in just one and a half month. We are still currently improving T-Top Professional Philippine’s social media presence to reach more of their market nationwide. T-Top Philippines T-top Philippines T-top Philippines T-top Mobile

How We Helped Them

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