You now have your website up on the internet. Your traffic and sales are great, however there was one day that you wanted to show your website to a friend. Upon entering your URL, website was down for the 3rd time in a year, and you had no notice from your web hosting provider. After trying to call your provider, they replied after 3 hours and had no proper explanation on why it was down and when it will be back up. Horror story, isn’t it? Maybe it’s already time to change your web hosting provider.

There were two red flags in the story above. One, they had your website down for two hours, imagine all the visitors you’ve had within those two hours. Two, they do have technical support, but it was late, what’s worse is that you have no idea when will your website be up again.

Avoid those things to happen to you and think if it is already time to change your web hosting provider. You’re not sure if you have to change your provider? We’ll list down some of the signs when it’s time to change your web hosting provider.

1. Too Much Downtime

How many times was your website down? They say that 1% is already bad and already unacceptable for eCommerce websites. 10% downtime may be the deal breaker for other website owners. If you find your website down for another times, it surely can affect your business. Think of all the potential customers you could have had in just a short span of time. The right web hosting provider will value your business that they would treat it like their own as well.

2. Slow Loading Website

Slow websites kill revenue. If your website loads more than just 3 seconds, then it is time to change your web hosting provider. When it comes to internet users, every second counts. Did you know that Google hates slow loading websites as well? You wouldn’t like you search engine rankings to sink. Once you lose traffic from your site, you’re also losing your goal to convert users to customers.

3. Inadequate Security

If you receive too much spam in your website such as ineffective email spam filters or if your provider fails to use an effective, updated technology that prevents hackers from phishing or getting malicious software in your system, then it might be time to change your web hosting provider.

4. No Back-Ups

Business owners will never want their websites to crash or to be hacked. Backups are important when your website falls into that. If your web hosting service does not backup your site regularly, then your website might be at risk!

5. Unresponsive Tech Support

Once your website is down, you should be able to contact your technical support rand get a response right away. Your business on the internet is on their hands as well. A great tech support that can help you with glitches, bugs and other fix ups immediately. If your tech support fails you, then it is time to find another web host.

Prevent mishaps on your website from happening. If you think that your web hosting provider is failing you, you have plenty of options to choose from other providers.

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