Mena Cream Philippines

Social Media Marketing


SMM Performance & Case Study

To build Mena Cosmetics’ online presence, we handle their Social Media Marketing, enabling them to reconnect and communicate with the local market in the Philippines. We kept track of the performance data of Mena Cosmetics on social media, highlighting the percentage of increase in terms of their reach, engagement, and likes/follows from the starting month up to the first year of the social media marketing campaign.

By the 3rd month, Mena Cosmetics increased their reach by 298.57% and their engagement made an increase of 342.39%, while the likes/follows increased by 4.30%. In the 6th month, their reach increased by 795.83% and their engagement increased by 681.34%, while the likes/follows increased by 9.22%, showing that the 3-month gap made a significant and gradual increase in all factors. In the first year, their reach made an increase of 1,452.66% and their engagement increased by 1,381.19%, while their likes/follows increased by 20.84%.

The sizable increase in the percentage in all 3 factors shows the improvement of Mena Cosmetics’ audience and engagement and brand awareness to the local market.

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