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StorageMart is a provider of self-storage facilities with moving and packing services and essentials. They have different locations across the metro servicing businesses and even homeowners. StorageMart Mobile

How We Helped Them

We created for them a mobile responsive e-commerce website that will help them educate and serve their customers with ease. We are also helping them in their digital marketing efforts through the services of SEO, SEM and SMM, to increase their brand awareness and drive in more leads.

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SMM Performance & Case Study

We handle the Social Media Marketing of StorageMart to increase its brand awareness, and the strategy is to focus on its reach and engagement. In the 3rd month, the performance data of StorageMart showed that their reach has increased by 129.14% and their engagement increased by 225.35%, while their likes/follows increased by 15%. In the 6th month, their reach increased by 284.06% and their engagement increased by 456.47%, while their likes/follows increased by 17.14%, indicating that the initial strategy of focusing on the reach and engagement is showing some significant growth compared to the starting month. So in the first year, their reach increased by 659.82% and their engagement showed a large increase and grew by 1,037.86%, while their likes/follows stepped up by 38.14%.

The continued growth of percentages from the starting month up to the first year shows good indications that the marketing efforts raised to improve the brand awareness and lead generation of StorageMart on social media are working.

SEO Performance & Case Study

Aside from the SMM of StorageMart, we are also helping them with their Search Engine Optimization. We have gathered the data of StorageMart’s SEO performance, highlighting the percentage of increase in the organic search, users, and pageviews from the starting month up to the first year. The following data that will be shown are all in comparison to the percentage of increase from the starting month of our SEO campaign for StorageMart.

In the 3rd month, their organic search and users made a close percentage of increase, with the former having 194.54% and the latter having 195.64%, while the page views increased by 223.33%. By the 6th month, StorageMart’s organic search increased by 796.29% and the users grew significantly by 841.02%, while the page views increased by 1,456.16%. In the first year of our SEO campaign, their organic search increased by 2,091.50% and their users grew larger by 3,102.31%, while the page views made an increase of 3,607.43%.

All the percentage of increase shown in the data indicates the improvement of StorageMart’s SEO performance and the effectiveness of the SEO campaign which was specifically designed and planned for them.

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