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Victory Greenhills is a member of Every Nation Churches and Ministries family of churches and ministries. a worldwide movement of churches. Their mission is to honor God and establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.  Victory Greenhills Mobile

The Challenge

They already had an existing website, but same as others, they have to keep it maintained and updated in order to retain visitors, maintain search engine rankings and they can present their new ideas or content to the public.

Victory Greenhills Website

The Process

We helped them by redesigning their entire website for a more modern and youthful approach that reflects their audience. We have also helped them maintain their website as it is needed in order to have updated content and maintain or improve its rankings in search engines.

The Outcome

After collaborating with Victory Greenhills, the result has become a success. Their newly redesigned website is now creative and interactive to visitors. Users can now easily understand the navigation of the site. Their website has updated content especially when it comes to events since their audience are usually gathered together. We have also kept their website maintained to it keep their software updated and avoid problems that might occur if it gets outdated. We have also kept their website protected from malware that might affect how their website functions.

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