Website conversion rate is the ratio of visitors to your website that will take the desired action such as purchasing a product, signing up on your website or signing up for a newsletter. Conversions are a major key to making your website successful. If your website is not converting visitors to customers, then all the traffic and opportunities will go to waste.

Some business owners think that once they already have a functioning website means that customers will start flooding it. Although in reality, it does not work that way. Conversions measure the success of the site.  More than driving traffic to your website whether through SEO, digital marketing or social media marketing is not enough, your website needs to be optimized for conversion.

If you are a business owner of a start-up company or of an existing one, you must know how to convert visitors to customers when they are in your website and know the reasons why they are not being converted. We’ll be listing some of the reasons why your website is not converting visitors to customers.

1. You Have A Slow Website

Nobody likes a slow website. For most visitors, they are most likely to leave when the website loads more than three seconds. Some that causes of having a slow website can be because of broken links, not using caching, average web hosting or not even mobile optimized.

2. Bad Mobile Experience

In today’s time, having a mobile responsive website is important since there are almost 61.2% mobile internet users.  If your website is not mobile responsive, then your website won’t most likely survive in the web. When it comes to content and structure, your website must be mobile friendly.

Keep testing your mobile site or you can even ask your family, friends or colleagues to test your website on their mobile phones.

3. Not Goal Oriented

Another reason why you are not converting visitors to customers. You finally have your website up, but is it serving its purpose? Some website focuses more on their design rather than helping your visitors purchase from your company. They both must go together, your website’s design and its purpose.

Think about your business’s goals. Your website will be your medium in reaching your website’s goals therefore it must help you in converting visitors. Be clear that your goal is for your users to purchase, sign up or register on your website. Your goal is to let your business grow and that is through having users do the actions you want then to do while they are on your website.

4. You Don’t Listen to Your Customers

This can be one of the reasons why you are not converting visitors to customers. The power is in the hands of your customers. You have to meet their needs and wants when it comes to your website. If you don’t help them once they are on your website, they can feel frustrated with your website and abandon it.

5. You Have No Call to Action Buttons

Your website may be user friendly, engaging with quality content, but without a clear and concise call-to-action, you are not helping out your users. Make your call-to-action clear, concise and specific. Create ones that are relevant to your products and services. Take note that the placement of your call-to-action buttons are also important in order for the users to see them and will click on it once they are ready.

6. Difficult to Navigate

Many website owners have made the mistake of making it hard for visitors to purchase their product or services. Try not to overload pages with too many options. It should be easy for your users to buy from your website in just a few clicks.

These reasons are just the starting points. Think that every lost conversion could be a lost sale. Set your goals in mind then identify the measures that will help you progress into converting your visitors into customers.

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