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Yoko is one of Thailand’s leading beauty product that has increased its global reach in more than 40 countries including the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East, England, Canada and many other countries. Yoko Spa Salt Scrub is one of the popular products that is well-known to the market in Thailand and abroad. Yoko Philippines Instagram

The Challenge

Yoko Philippines had an online presence, but there were a few issues that they encountered. They started having more than 13,000 likes but only a portion of it were availing their products. They needed these people to buy their products in different online and offline stores their products are available at such as Watsons, Lazada and Shopee. Aside from that, they have no brand consistency on their social media platforms. Without brand consistency, their potential buyers might not be able to recognize their products, it might appear as just another product similar to others. Their social media posts are repetitive, not timely or old photos are being used–not being able to attract their target which were millennials and other generations. This is because they lack posts where people could relate to. Inconsistency ran through their Facebook and Instagram which affects their brand. There are also resellers that could confused potential buyers when purchasing Yoko products online.

Yoko Philippines

The Process

We started by lining out all the things that needs improvement and has to be revamped. We first changed their profile photo, header or cover photo, Facebook and Instagram names, usernames, URLs their About, Story and Bio. We also removed the unnecessary posts, repetitive ones and other posts that makes their brand inconsistent. We created a content plan to be executed every month. More than 10 posts are made to maintain their active online presence and brand consistency. In every post, we added the their official stores to let their customers know where to buy their authentic products.

Yoko Philippines

The Outcome

As of today, we are improving Yoko Philippines in both Facebook and Instagram. They have gained 6,000+ likes in two months users are becoming more engaged with the page. We are continuously helping Yoko Philippines reach their goals in the online world.

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SMM Performance & Case Study

We handle the Social Media Marketing of Yoko Philippines to enhance their online presence and establish consistency in their brand to their audience on social media. We kept track of their performance data from the starting month up to the 6th month of their SMM campaign with us. The performance data shows that in the 3rd month, Yoko Philippines’ reach increased by 141.49% and their engagement increased by 135.38%, while their likes/follows made an increase of 30.89%. In the 6th month, their reach increased by 397.49% and their engagement increased by 248.96%, while their likes/follows made an increase of 51.40%.

All the data presented indicates the progressive and significant growth in the performance of Yoko Philippines online, particularly on social media, having a wider audience reach and better engagement with potential customers.

Yoko Philippines   Yoko Philippines

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