With the wide use of social media as a means of communication and marketing tool, you would think that other forms of digital marketing are being missed out, but that’s not the case – especially not in this digital age where varying online platforms matter for many businesses to catch their target audience’s attention. Email marketing, for one, may often be mistaken as a marketing tactic that isn’t effective and doesn’t bring much to the business. However, it’s important to take note that it’s just a misconception. Any form of marketing, when done right along with the right tools and strategies at hand, can perform and deliver good results for the business; it’s just a matter of how it will be managed. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that businesses use to reach their customers in a distinct targeted way. With the use of personalized emails and messages, businesses can connect directly with qualified leads and build better relationships and engagement. 

To let you in on the other things you need to know about email marketing, here’s a list of notable benefits that every marketer shouldn’t ignore:

1. Targets the Right Audience at the Right Time

Marketing your business isn’t tied to a certain formula because it will depend on who your target audience is and what they’re most interested in and are most likely to be drawn to. That’s why it’s very important to not only know who your target audience is, but you should also be able to reach them at the right time. And one of the ways you can do that is through email marketing. Why? This is simply because people almost always check their emails at any time every single day, no matter what device they’re using. This also means that there’s a good chance that they will come across your emails or newsletters in a day. 

You get to take the front seat and have the chance to connect with your target audience on a regular basis, helping your brand build better brand awareness in the long run. However, given this great benefit, you also have to make sure that you create a well-written and engaging email that will draw your audience to your brand and what it offers. 

2. Drives Traffic to Your Website

Since emails can be personalized, you have the liberty to tailor your content based on the needs and interests of your target audience, which is why email marketing is a good and effective way to drive website traffic. You get to drive the right people to your website, bringing in not just any traffic, but quality traffic to your website. Tools such as email automation are not only helpful at sending the right message to the right audience, but it’s also ideal when you want to nurture leads, improve your website traffic, and drive sales to your business. Automation in your emails allows you to customize your content and keep up with what your target audience is most likely interested in.

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3. Helps Generate More Leads for Your Business

First, let’s talk about email leads. An email lead is a potential customer who showed interest in a certain product or service of a brand and has decided to share their name, email address, and other contact information with you to let them in on any updates about other possible products or services that may be of interest. These potential customers can then be nurtured with email marketing and turned into loyal customers for your brand. 

With email marketing, you can keep a continuous stream of customers, which is very important for every business since without any customers to keep the sales flowing, a business won’t be able to survive. Having a strong and well-thought-out lead generation strategy will help direct qualified leads towards the business. It’s also worth noting that email marketing is the most effective way to generate and nurture leads, improving conversion rates in the long run.

4. Provides Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

Unlike other traditional marketing tactics such as print media, email marketing is more cost-effective because it has a higher return on investment. Although you’ll still need the help of a digital marketing agency to set up a proper email marketing campaign for your business, it’s guaranteed that the costs are significantly lower compared to other forms of marketing. This means that your time and budget are efficiently optimized, leaving your business with beneficial results and preventing you from spending on a form of marketing that won’t deliver. In addition, email marketing is ideal for businesses of varying sizes, so even small businesses can benefit from it. 

5. Engages Audience With Personalized Content

Email marketing lets you engage your audience with personalized content. However, it’s also necessary to recognize the importance of lead nurturing, which is taking into account where your potential customers are in the sales funnel. Knowing this helps you better create content that speaks to what your customers need at that specific moment —  since not all of them are in the same buying stage; some may still be in the awareness stage and some may already be in the decision stage. Whatever stage they may be in, it’s best to be mindful of that, so you can fully take advantage of having your emails tailored to their needs. Remember as well that your goal shouldn’t be to force them, but to encourage them to move to the next stage without any rush.  

6. Encourages Stronger Customer Relationships

Email marketing is a great way to build stronger relationships with customers. By creating personalized and well-written emails and newsletters, you can better engage your readers and establish trust with both current and potential customers. Doing this will be helpful for your brand because customers tend to come back to brands that don’t only provide quality products and services, but are also able to build a trustworthy stance. 

7. Provides You With an Email List of Potential Customers

Some may fail to see the benefits of building your own email list as a great tool to reach the right customers. Other online platforms such as social media, don’t have their own contact list of potential customers that your brand can directly market to. This is why it’s important for every business that’s running an email marketing campaign to build an email list. This serves as a list of email addresses and other necessary information such as the name, gender, and location of both potential and current customers. The data in this list are collected information from websites, social media accounts, sign-ups, and more.

Using an email marketing list, you’ll be able to determine what your subscribers are going to see or receive from you. And with email users amounting to 4.2 billion as of April 2023, you have a guaranteed wide scope of audience reach, which is significantly higher than other online platforms. 

8. Builds Up Brand Identity and Awareness

Building brand identity and awareness are important for every business out there, may it be a small business or a corporation. It’s what sets you apart from other brands and gives your customers something to recognize you by. 

In today’s time, you would think that social media marketing and web design are the only ways you can increase your brand awareness, but they’re not the only ones. In fact, there are other marketing strategies that strengthen your brand identity and build better brand awareness – and email marketing is one of them. Since with email marketing, you can have your own email list of potential customers, you also have the opportunity to market directly to the right people who have already shown interest in what your brand offers. You get to stay on top of their minds and hence will help build up your brand identity and awareness. 

Although, despite this benefit, you should keep in mind that it’s never fine to spam your audience with several emails in a day. Doing this will not help build anything, instead, it may lead them to start ignoring you, so be mindful.

9. Enhances Sales

Email marketing doesn’t only lead you to the right audience at the right time, increase website traffic, and build up your brand awareness, but it also enhances your sales. In fact, 59% of businesses say that email is the top marketing channel that generates the most revenue. In addition to that, automated emails drive 320% more revenue than emails coming from a non-automated campaign. 60% of customers also say that they were convinced to purchase a product because of the marketing email they received. 

The good thing about email marketing campaigns is that you can directly market your products and services to the right people and encourage them to continue with their purchase after abandoning their cart, as well as directly send them special offers that can possibly catch their attention. Tailoring your emails and integrating messages that speak to the interests of your target customers will increase your chances of not only building stronger relationships with them but there will also be greater chances of them buying from you and recognizing your brand.

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