The use of the internet has grown over the years as several technologies and apps continue to be created. And since the COVID-19 lockdown happened in 2020, limited face-to-face interactions and social gatherings have led people to turn to the internet and gadgets such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones for almost everything, may it be for work, school, business, or just a quick catch-up with family and friends. 

At this point, many businesses, especially that of small businesses and start-ups try to look for various ways to widen their customer reach by making use of different online channels and platforms. Small businesses in the Philippines mostly make use of different social media platforms and messaging apps to reach their customers — given the number of hours spent by many Filipinos on social media daily. This is seen as a good opportunity for small businesses to engage their customers online. However, social media is not the only way you can build a good customer base for your business. 

Opposite to what some people may think, having a website is not only for large companies or corporations, but it is also for small businesses. The costs that come with having a good web design and an efficient website are one of the common reasons why some small business owners hesitate to go the extra mile to further establish their online niche. Nevertheless, in view of the long-term benefits of having a website for your business, you may just find that it is worth every penny and is actually a good investment. 

Here are the benefits of having a website for your small business:

1. Helps Boost Your Online Presence

You are clearly missing out on the number of potential customers you can engage if you are not making any effort to establish an online presence. With many small businesses already flocking to different social media platforms, you should think of other ways to build your online presence and widen your reach. A recent survey by Fit Small Business shows that around 71% of small businesses have a website, which means that businesses today are seeing the significant part that having a website plays in boosting online presence, improving lead generation, increasing conversion, and building better brand recognition.  

Basically, the first thing people do when they hear about a new business is search it up or google it, right? So if your business doesn’t have a website or even a social media profile, potential customers will have fewer chances of getting to know what your business is all about. Your website can serve as a way to let potential customers understand the details of what you are offering to them and what they can expect from your business, making it a good avenue for small business marketing. A strong online presence in this digital age is a must if you want to stay relevant in the online market. 

2. Allows You to Build Credibility

Sure, having an active social media account for your small business lets your audience feel your online presence. But having a website allows you to build credibility, as well as professionalism. It will give your potential customers an impression that you take customer engagement seriously and you are in the business of growing a healthy customer base. 

With the tight competition in the online market, you have to be able to establish a good reputation that will eventually contribute to your brand credibility, giving your customers a reason to come back to you. By having a website, your audience can see and pretty much acknowledge your products and services because your business can be searched online. It is like telling your audience that your brand is legit and that they can trust you. 

3. Widens Your Customer Reach

Think of your website as a digital extension of your business. With a website up and running 24/7, you are able to reach a wide-scale audience online even during weekends, holidays, or any occasion, or when your physical store is closed. Your website will serve as an online brochure that both current and potential customers can browse through to know more about the details of your business and all the products and services you offer. Customer visits result in website traffic, which is a good opportunity for generating qualified leads and increasing your conversion rate. 

Since your website is accessible online, you can also reach audiences from far locations. Meaning, your business is not limited nor bound by proximity. You can target the right customers, make transactions, connect with your customers, and expand your sales just by having a website. See to it as well that you are not only catering to audiences who access your website through their desktops or laptops. Opt for a mobile responsive web design, so that even customers on the go or with frequent mobile users can visit and access your website. 

4. Improves Your Rank in Search Engines 

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that marketers use to boost your website’s presence in search engines such as Google. Having a website that is SEO-friendly is an effective way to drive more customers to your website because they can find it by simply searching for keywords that are relevant to your business. You can improve your ranking in search engines and have your business discoverable by both current and potential customers. 

However, you should take into account that good SEO is not only about keywords, but it should also be combined with effective SEO techniques. So make sure that you look for a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that has a deep understanding of how search engines work. 

5. Creates a Cost-Effective Marketing 

Budget is one of the top concerns of small businesses, especially those that are still in the process of building a brand and establishing a customer base. Given the small budget that many small businesses start off with, they will need to properly utilize what they have in order to not waste time, effort, and of course, money. To stay relevant in the online market, your business needs to have a good online presence.

Having a website lets you create cost-effective marketing for your small business. Web development is never too expensive for both small businesses and start-ups. Actually, you can build a website even on a budget without having to break the bank. With this, you already have a simple, yet functional website that customers can visit and will help increase your conversion rate as well. As your sales and profit grow, you can also work on the improvements and maintenance of your website to keep it in top shape, making it more efficient and responsive for your customers. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you with the website design and development for your small business marketing, contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help you!