Marketing your business requires presence. Your brand wouldn’t be recognized by your customers without you reaching out to them. Ever heard of the phrase, “if you’re not online, you don’t exist?” Being online in this digital age lets businesses establish authenticity and identity for the audience. This also applies to your social media presence; if your business is not on any of the mainstream social media platforms, then you don’t exist. When people come across a business that they are unfamiliar with, they search for it online. And most of them check your social media before they proceed to your website. That’s why social media marketing is so important for businesses nowadays, and it is seen as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that aid in the growth of a business. 

Here are helpful social media marketing tips to grow your business:

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1. Choose a Social Media Platform That Will Fit Your Business

Each social media platform caters to the various interests of its audience, which means that your target audience can be on those particular platforms. Determine who your target audience is and what social media platforms they may be in, and go for that social media platform. Doing this helps you save time and effort from banking on the wrong platforms and get you started on the right ones for your business instead. 

2. Interact With Your Audience

Social media is built to connect people, so make use of that benefit and interact with your audience. The trust gained from the relationship you build over time with your customers will keep your business up and running. Yes, the marketing strategies, investments, efforts, and more have roles to play in the success of your business, but without the people who trust in the products and services you offer, it will be difficult to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace.

Reaching out to your customers can be as simple as replying to comments, answering personal messages, posting content that will encourage engagements from them, etc. When you take the time to interact and listen to your audience, you will have a better grasp of what they need, giving you a wider set of insights to consider in improving your business.  

3. Create Eye-Catching Visual Posts

Your audience will be looking at the visuals more than the content you put in the caption. So to get the interest and attention of your audience, you need to create eye-catching visuals. The goal is to make them stop scrolling and get them to read your post and check out your business. You can make use of graphics and videos to let your audience know more about your business and what it offers.

That’s why it is really important to consider what type of social media platform you are going to use because this will help you know what kind of content you are going to create. Instagram is an example of a visual platform, wherein the visual of the post plays a big part in garnering attention and engagement. Twitter, on the other hand, focuses on the texts to engage people. So if you want to catch the attention of your audience on this platform, you have to be crafty with your words. Facebook as we can see, depends on both visuals and texts. 

4. Practice Consistency in Building Your Social Media Presence

When social media marketing is done right, your business can reach the right audience, boost brand awareness, expand sales, and more. But to achieve this, you need to be consistent, most especially when you are just starting to build a brand for your business. Be present and show up regularly, but don’t spam your audience’s feed. This will help your business gain not only recognition or familiarity but also trust from your audience in the long run. 

Plan the type of content you are going to post on each platform beforehand, so you don’t have to cram the ideas. To keep your posts organized and on time, set a time to post and schedule them. 

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5. Establish Trust With Your Customers

What better way to connect with your customers than establish trust with them? This tip is one of the most practical and effective ways to market your business not only online, but also physically. The trust that your customers have with your brand will get them to have you on top of their options when it comes to that certain product or service and will also get them to recommend you to their friends, family members, or following community on social media. Word of mouth is powerful; it can either expand your marketing reach to a wider audience or lead your business to lose potential leads and sales. So see to it that you go for good recommendations that will grow your business. 

Create and post relatable content and at the same time, encourage both potential and current customers to engage with your business. Be the business that your audience trusts by staying true to how you market your product or service and avoid giving them less than what you set their expectations to on social media. You can also consider influencer marketing or collaborating with online influencers to boost your brand recognition because they have already built a following community or fan base that sees their recommendations as credible. 

6. Consider Your Marketing Goals in Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having marketing goals is vital in planning and creating your marketing strategy. This means that your social media marketing strategy should be in line with your goals. For example, you can’t make it a goal to reach a wide scope of audience and generate a certain number of leads at a given time without planning a strategy on how to connect with your audience on social media first. Remember that your strategy and your goals should work hand-in-hand. To help you reach the right audience, you can go for social media paid ads such as Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. It enhances your marketing efforts and increases your visibility on that platform. 

Of course, since more people will get to see your posts, you should also make an effort to amplify your content. Make them more interesting and relatable, so that you can drive quality traffic to your website. 

7. Measure and Analyze The Data of Your Marketing Campaign

It always pays to measure and analyze the data of your marketing campaigns. This enables you to know whether the campaign was effective or not in reaching your target audience. You can also monitor which content drove engagement and traffic to your website and which ones need some work. Use this as a way for you to improve your next campaign. Practice regular monitoring of data, at least weekly.

8. Make Use of Chatbots

As much as you want to be present and available 24/7 to all your customers’ inquiries, you won’t be able to do that. You will only be able to work on it at a designated time. That’s why chatbots are helpful because they serve as your instant solution to keeping your customer service open even when you are not present or able to respond quickly. This is especially useful in situations where customers expect or need a quick response to their inquiries. 

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