Branding is not new in this industry and for years it has been proven to be of great help for every business to be recognized and remembered for a long time. It also blends well in new technologies and methods that we have today. Even though branding has been with us for decades, people are still confused about what it really means and what it can give to business owners and people who aspire to make a brand. 

4 Myths in Branding

There are different misconceptions about branding, that’s why we have listed these common myths to help you debunk and understand more about it.

1. “Branding is about the logo”

When you have a business, then a logo means you already have a brand, but it’s more than that.  We know that the logo is the face and representation of your business or your icon where people can easily recall your business. Though the logo helps your brand to be remembered by people, it is still a matter of how you will represent your business through your quality products and services, and having “just” a good logo for your brand does not cut it. A company’s brand should have values that reflect the overall culture of what you want your customers to see in your business.

2. “Brands are just products they sell”

What we know about branding before is that if you create a product that appeals to the consumers, you can start a business and you’ll have a brand automatically. Well, now we can see that having a brand for your business isn’t all about the products that are being introduced and sold in the market, but it’s also about the changes being made to improve the product, the services being offered to reach out to the needs of consumers, etc.  

3. “Only Big Companies can have a Brand”

In tradition, we understood that only big companies can have their own brand, but in this new reality, it becomes different. The digital age opens the gate of great possibilities, especially for small businesses and online entrepreneurs to pave their way into the market and make a brand for themselves.  

Branding is not only for big companies who have made a name for themselves in the past years,  but it’s also for the artists that we see in different forms of media such as movies and the internet. Singers like Taylor Swift and Beyonce are a brand, big YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Jeffree Star are a brand, and you can also be a brand. They become a brand because of the communities they build with their fans and that can also be similar to traditional branding.

4. “Branding is so expensive”

Branding can be expensive, but you can start somewhere that is easier with the pocket. Not too long ago, social media started to cater to brands/businesses and let them connect with their target audiences. Social media is one the best platform to build a brand, share your brand message and interact with your audience, followers, and target market. One of the best part on using Social media is the platform is free to start and will just depend on you if you want to spend on ads.

Branding is all about your connection to your target audience. A reflection of the bond and being trustworthy to your customers.

Are there more myths you know about branding? Share your thoughts on it! 

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