Today, businesses are presented with a bunch of ways to market their products and services. With the digital revolution, there was a paradigm shift in the conventional way of marketing, resulting in different forms of digital marketing emerging. And this has opened a vast space for businesses to reach their target market wherever they are both locally and globally using digital platforms or channels. However, it can be quite overwhelming to promote your business in a busy and crowded online marketplace, so you need to find creative and innovative ways to catch the attention of the right audience.

How Can Video Marketing Grow Your Business?

Videos, especially those that have informative and relevant content, are engaging and have helped many marketers grow their businesses. In fact, according to data found by Wyzowl, videos have helped 87% of marketers get a good ROI and 86% of them were able to improve their lead generation through videos. On top of that, it was also through videos that 93% of marketers were able to increase their brand awareness and 81% were able to directly increase sales. All these and other significant factors contributed to why video marketing is an essential tool in every business, no matter what industry it’s from.

To let you in on how video marketing can grow your business, let’s first talk about what it’s all about:

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a way to promote your brand and the products and services you offer through the use of videos. Just like any other content marketing, video marketing covers various content strategies that are suitable for the kind of audience you are targeting to let them know more about your brand —- such as explainer videos, how-to videos, educational videos, testimonials, product videos, and more. All of which we can encounter on many social media platforms and other digital channels.  

People are simply drawn to entertaining and high-quality videos. That’s why it’s also no surprise that video marketing has become popular in the past years. With 86% of businesses using videos as a marketing tool, there are reasons why video marketing is important for businesses

Now that you’ve gone through the gist of what video marketing is all about, here’s how it can help grow your business:

1. Video Marketing Increases Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the number or percentage of users who were able to complete the desired action such as proceeding with a purchase or clicking through an ad. It matters particularly in mobile purchases since it determines the success rate of the campaign. Videos provide audiences with visuals, which is necessary if you’re trying to explain something — namely, a new product or service to potential customers. They help you easily connect to your target audience compared to other types of content. 

By adding a video on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate up to 80%, according to a study by EyeView. However, it’s also a must that you come up with an effective video marketing strategy and produce quality content to draw the right audience not only to the content you publish but also to your brand itself. Remember that your video only needs to be as long as it should be — meaning, there’s no need to add any content that doesn’t have to be part of the video, which will cause it to be too lengthy or boring. 

In general, the length of marketing videos should ideally be 2 minutes or less. Of course, this also depends on what digital platforms you’ll be posting the videos on. So it’s advised that you do your research or consult professionals in the digital field and get digital consulting first before you proceed with the video marketing of your business. 

2. Video Marketing Leads to Better Audience Engagement

Videos are not only effective in attracting potential customers, but it also shows a significant contribution to improving audience engagement. Statistics show that social videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. This means that videos are not losing its impact any time soon, and it will continue to engage more people in the future. Aside from improved engagement, videos can also help your target customers understand your brand, products, and services better. 

Given that more than 80% of information that our brains are processing is visual, it’s no wonder why your audience would be able to retain information when they’re presented with clear visuals. This is also the reason why 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brand or business that they support.   

3. Video Marketing Boosts Search Engine Rankings

SEO is a familiar term in the digital space. This tactic is centered around improving your online presence by boosting traffic to your website and leading you to rank higher on the SERP (search engine results page). There are different ways to improve your search engine rankings, and one of them is publishing relevant and authoritative content — which is not always so easy to do since you have to be in the know of what is most likely to draw people’s attention. 

Search engines like Google go for quality content that contains relevant information, backlinks, and keywords that serve user intent. Videos for one, are proof of quality content. In fact, web pages with a video are 53 times more likely to rank organically on Google’s first page. When a web page contains a wealth of content that’s relevant to search queries, it will send a signal to search engines like Google, and help increase its rankings. However, you also have to make sure that you only publish video content that will satisfy user intent because hosting low-quality videos may cause your rankings to drop. 

4. Video Marketing Provides Good ROI

Knowing the possibility of getting a good return on investment when you start investing in a new business or a new marketing strategy is important because this helps determine whether you’ll push through with it or not. And as we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, videos have helped 87% of marketers to get a good ROI. Videos simply work, especially when you’ve caught the attention of the right audience to market to. 

5. Video Marketing Enhances Brand Awareness

Video marketing allows you to enhance brand awareness, which is very important when you’re just starting your business. Brand awareness is what drives both potential and current customers to choose you over your competitors. Not having much of it can be detrimental to your sales and the growth of your business in general. Fortunately, videos can help you reach your audience no matter what stage they are in their sales funnel. Videos do a great job of enhancing brand awareness since you can use it to tell a story, do explainer videos, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and more, which can potentially contribute to how your brand will be presented to your target audience. 

It’s just amazing how marketing has evolved and is constantly evolving. Back then, it was more difficult to market your business using media because it was costly and there wasn’t much assurance of a good return on investment. However, with the advancement of technology today, many businesses, no matter what their size is, can market their brand on different digital platforms using media such as videos. Videos naturally hook people into checking what the content is all about, hence why video marketing became so popular and is one of the most effective ways to market your business in this digital age. What’s good about it is that it’s not going away anytime soon, so you can make full use of video marketing to grow your business. 

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