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3 Ways Digital Marketing Has Changed in 2018

digital marketing changes 2018

Different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to grow their platforms in order to be up to date and for digital marketing or e-commerce. Business owners are ensuring to be updated with the upgrades on each platform to know what’s new to engage with their number of following or potential consumers.

You may or may not have ideas on what those changes are, so we listed the top 3 digital marketing changes in 2018.

1. Partnering with Social Media Influencers

social media influencers

These influencers may be celebrities that you see on the television or on the internet. Some of them may be known as YouTube content creators or Instagram influencers. Why do companies choose these influencers to promote their product? One good answer to that question is that they may have a huge number of followers or subscribers that supports them.

You might be wondering, isn’t it like advertisements that you see on TV? And the difference between endorsing it on the television and endorsing in on their social media sites. As one influencer posts a product to their social media platform, let’s say, Instagram, this gives an emotional connection to their followers since they know that it’s the endorser’s personal page. This allows a user to think that this influencer personally likes the product itself.

2. Video Marketing

video marketing

There’s nothing better than seeing a product being tested on a video and getting an immediate review compared to print ads and photos. Video marketing has been on demand to many companies. Why? Social Media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook and the easiest sites to share videos. By uploading videos on those sites, some people click that share button or like button whereas your video could be viral or trending.

YouTube and Facebook are known to have increased traffic to their sites. Statistics shows that YouTube viewers spend billions of hours on watching different videos online. Facebook consumes almost 8 billion video a day.

3. Incorporating Chatbots

incorporating chat bots

Have you noticed that there are automatic replies once you send messages in some social media sites? Those are chatbots or the use Artificial Intelligence in messaging. Chatbots are commonly utilized for customer service interactions with their client or consumer. You can answer your customer’s inquiries even if you are away from your devices which makes it easier for digital marketing.

Digital marketing has gone so far changing in the means of improvement. It is important to remember to keep an eye on the developments on platforms and consumerism in the next following years.

Are you still thinking what new updates you can do to improve your digital marketing strategies? Contact us today and we will be glad to answer you!

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