Did you know that without proper SEO practices, your website remains invisible from search engines? It is one of the most important digital marketing strategies that you can utilize to enhance your online presence. SEO is the process of putting your business’ website on top of search results with the use of keywords related to your business. We will be sharing some effective SEO tips and tricks this year that can help you and your business.

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Here are some SEO tips and tricks this year that can help you and your business.

1. Figure Out Your Target Keywords

Having your target keywords figured out is one of the most important factors when starting SEO on your website. Your target keyword must be related to your business itself. How do you find out your target keywords? You can make use of your brand terms, product or services terms and even your competitors’ terms. Think of a focus keyword that in just one search of a user can lead to your website.

2. Edit Your Meta Description, Page Title, Slug

Once you have your focus keyword, don’t forget to edit your page’s meta description, it’s the brief description that you see on search engines of what your page is all about. Page title is simple, it’s literally the page’s title. Incorporating your target keyword on the page title can be effective when being searched on search engines. Slug is the URL of the page. Make use of these templates to help the visibility of your website.

3. Optimize Your Images

This is one of the most overlooked tip when it comes to SEO. Some users tend to forget that visuals draw users to the page! Don’t forget to add your alternative text on your photos, better if you are going to use your focus keywords on it as well. Since search engines can’t read images, alternative text is needed.

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4. Use Internal and External Links

These two types of links helps improve your SEO. Internal links are links that leads from one page to another page that is on the same domain. These links connect your content and allows search engines to know the structure of your website. External links on the other hand, are links that lead to some other domain. When you link a word, phrase, sentence, or source that is on your page to an external link, it helps the search engine understand your niche and helps increase the quality and trust of your website which plays a vital role in your website’s SEO.

5. Create a Blog

Optimize your blog posts! There are about 80% of businesses that utilize blogs to market their brand. That’s why providing fresh, updated and relevant content can help your website rank higher and be noticed. Create high-quality posts and avoid duplicate content. If you have old blog posts, make them new again by updating it. Another important thing is the readability of your content. Paragraph scares the reader. See to it that the blogs you post contain relevant contents that your target audience are most likely interested in to keep them engaged.

6. Make it Mobile Optimized

Search engines, especially Google, love mobile optimized websites. Aside from making it easy for users to reach you through the mobile devices anywhere they go, websites that are mobile optimized are more likely to be shown on search results. At rare occasions, Google penalizes websites that are not mobile optimized and gives them less visibility in the search results.

These tips may be simple, yet it could make a huge difference and can help you rank higher when applied. Remember that Google, the most used searched engine, values websites that provides good user experience and user satisfaction.

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