Instagram has turned into one of the most popular and engaging social application for many. It has over 8 million users using the application and has proven to become a social media platform for not just for personal use but for businesses as well.

There are about 80 million photos uploaded every single day through Instagram plus their new features such as stories and highlights make it easier for businesses to advertise and engage with their market. Interested on how to get great results on your Instagram profile for your business? Here are 6 Instagram marketing tips that will help you boost your business online.

1. Switch to a Business Profile

instagram business profile

Before starting off your journey on getting great results for your page, you have to switch your Instagram profile from personal to business. In this way, you get to access the settings that only business profiles have.

Different business tools will be available to you once you switch. Your followers can contact you through call or e-mail, you get access to Instagram’s analytics called Insights and you have the option to promote a post where it can be seen in some users’ feed.

2. Use of Hashtags Strategically

use hashtag

Hashtags has a vital role when it comes to social media marketing. It allows users to track products, services or phrases that will lead them to an entire feed that is filled with the specific hashtag that they have searched for.

In this way, you are enabling your content to be seen by users that are interested in the hashtag that you have used in your post and could improve your overall reach.

3. Promoting Your Post

promote your post

Instagram has an option for business profiles to promote their post to be featured in some people’s feed. This approach is similar to Facebook’s Boost Post button. Instagram has their Promote Post button instead. It’s a very effective way to reach more potential customers for your business as it has been used by big and small companies to attract their viewers by just using a photo or video, caption and some hashtags.

4. Partnering with Influencers

partner with influencers

Instagram influencers are at top of their game. With a large number of following they have, they can also be brand advocates to your business. As one influencer posts a product on Instagram, this gives an emotional connection to their followers since they know that it’s the endorser’s personal page.

 5. Engaging with Your Followers

engage social followers

Answering your followers or even potential customers inquiry creates a huge impact on response to the users. It will allow them to think that this business profile is responsive and engages with different users. Learn to appreciate different users’ comments, accept criticism on your product and know how to improve them. Remember that you are doing business not just for yourself, but you are giving your customers the benefit of what your business can offer.

6. Have a Content Strategy

content strategy

Know beforehand what type of content you are going to post as this will give you direction. This is crucial since without useful and relevant content, you might have a hard time grabbing some users’ attention. For products, post more photos of what you are selling and if you are offering a service, post photos or videos of the behind the scenes of your craft.

As time goes by, technology has developed different ideas to improve digital marketing. Having an effective Instagram business profile can help boost your business.

Are you still thinking for the perfect Instagram strategy for your profile? Contact us today and we will be able to help you!

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