The no-contact safety precaution has made businesses step up their game and target different online platforms to widen their brand awareness and customer reach. Since the lockdown in March 2020, TikTok has been one of the go-to past times for online users in the Philippines, and even in other countries as well. With the continuous growth of Tiktok’s audience, it has also been seen as a potential marketing platform for different businesses in the country. What started out as just an entertainment app used by Filipinos to pass the time during the long quarantine has become a useful business tool in the long run for small to large enterprises alike. 

So without further ado, let’s look at how TikTok can help businesses in the Philippines.

1. Easy Alternative to Connect with Your Customers

As a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, it is important to be able to connect with your audience. This helps you know the needs and wants of your target market. TikTok, being an entertainment app filled with different age groups that are potential customers, makes it an easy alternative to connect with your audience. 

According to DataReportal’s recently gathered data, as of January 2021, the total number of hours spent daily on the internet by Filipinos has increased to 10 hours and 56 minutes, with 4 hours and 15 minutes being spent on social media. People aged 16-64 years old use the internet, with 92.6% of them using entertainment and video apps, and TikTok is one of those apps. On top of that, TikTok is currently the number-one downloaded mobile app in the country, which means there is really an increase in the potential customers you can reach just by posting engaging video content that promotes your brand through the app. You are able to connect with your audience by simply reaching out to them through a platform that they are familiar with.

2. Video Marketing is an Edge

No need for separate video editing apps to create eye-catching video content to introduce your brand to a wider scale of audience. TikTok provides an easy way for you to edit video content and publish them within seconds. It allows you to create videos using a variety of music, effects, filters, and other features, which are all helpful in making your content much more appealing and interesting to your target customers.

Video marketing is an effective strategy to pull off if you want your audience to know more about what your brand offers. In this day and age where a lot of things can be done instantly through technology advancements, people’s interests are mostly peaked by short but communicative contents they see online — meaning the less lengthy it is, the more it will call for their attention. That’s why TikTok is a good platform to go to if you want to make your brand is known in a creative, fun, and less complicated way. 

Despite the short content shown on TikTok, with every video ranging only from 15 to 60 seconds, it still creates a big impact, especially if your videos get to reach your target customers. This powerful video-sharing social networking platform can help your business grow and reach more customers with just a push of the ‘share’ button.  

3. International Market Reach

Tiktok may be relatively new compared to other known social media platforms, but it has expanded its reach internationally in just a few years after its release. A total of 155 countries around the world are using TikTok, and 90% of users in those countries access TikTok every day, which makes it an effective business tool to use if you are planning to expand your business to an international market and easily connect with them. 

4. Large Scale of Potential Customers

TikTok, which initially targeted younger age groups has now expanded even to those older age groups. Your brand’s reach is not anymore limited to a small scale of customers both locally and internationally. 

Working with anything that’s visually appealing such as creating videos on TikTok for your brand is a step in the right direction to call for more customers and let them know about what your business has to offer. Although, you also shouldn’t neglect to analyze your market. Are you aiming at a younger audience? Working-class? Consider those things and other factors that you think would draw your market closer to your brand. 

5. Cost-Efficient Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you get how TikTok works, you are able to fully utilize its advantages for successful digital marketing. You can reach your target customers through a pocket-friendly cost, which is perfect if you have a small or start-up business. Compared to Facebook and Instagram, TikTok has a considerably cheaper cost in terms of paid advertising. Ads made on TikTok also appear authentic because of its entertaining visuals that make it seem less formal and relate more to the general public. You can simply target ads through the age, location, and interests of your target market. 

To increase your organic reach, the best way is to build a fanbase as you continue to create engaging video content about your brand. And a cost-efficient way to build a fanbase for your brand is to go for influencer marketing. Online influencers already have an established fanbase, know how to capture their audience’s interests, and have a great grasp of how to use the app for marketing. 

This pandemic has caused everyone to branch out and make use of different social media platforms, such as TikTok to widen their business reach. By analyzing your market, utilizing video content creation tools, and maximizing the digital marketing advantages provided by the app, you are able to help your business grow. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you with the digital marketing or social media marketing of your brand, contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help you!