There are several things to consider to have a website redesigned. Think of it that your website is like a person, first impression is really important, right?. It tells a lot about that person. In websites, it is the same. It reflects a lot about the company. It is an essential element to visitors to have a better view of what your company is all about and if you can service what they are looking for.

Even individuals such as bloggers must rethink or consider their website’s design for their readers. Is your website outdated? Is your website viewable in every device? Can your website content be easily found on search engines? If not, here are eight reasons to redesign your website.

1. Your site is outdated.

As mentioned above, first impressions matter. A well-designed website does attract the attention of the visitor, making them think that it is a reliable website to get information or to do business with. Consumers most likely tend to go with a company that has a visually appealing design. The reason for this is because you have fed their visual appetite and gave them that interest to continue with you. Being updated means that the company is growing and is not left behind with latest trends.

2. Navigating in your website is difficult.

Don’t confuse the readers with your layout. Never give them a hard time on figuring out what to do or what to click on your website. Make your important information easily be seen on your website such as your contact details, about, etc. If you have blog posts, add a search bar or an archives area where your readers can search for the content they are looking for. If your visitors are unable to get the information that they are looking for, they will skip out of your website and look for it somewhere else’s website.

3. Outdated security.

Visitors are usually worried about internet security as well. Make sure you update your website’s security, whereas http and https are two different things when it comes to security. Nowadays, computers usually have antiviruses built in to protect the user from malware. Websites have them as well to protect the website itself and its visitors. If you haven’t updated your website that was built in the 2000’s, it is at greater risk of malware and hacking.

4. Not optimized for search engines.

If your website has low search rankings, it is definitely a good start to redesign your website. People don’t usually click on the next pages of their search results in Google or other search engines. If they don’t see it on the top searches, they will enter another keyword to find the content they are looking for. A website that is SEO friendly, has custom page URLs, page titles and alt tags can optimize your website.

5. Does not reflect or support a marketing strategy.

Your website must implement a marketing strategy for your business. It shows trust and credibility to your visitors resulting to an increase in traffic on your website. You must also show your current strategy and services on your website so you won’t lose your possible client to the other competitor. The present state of your design should reflect your business. If it does not reflect, then it’s time to redesign.

6. Not mobile friendly.

People nowadays use their smartphones in looking through websites. Asides from its convenience, it is easier to navigate. But…that depends on your website. If a website is not yet mobile responsive, it is a lot harder to be viewed and navigated on a mobile phone. What’s good in being mobile responsive, it makes your website on the go. They don’t need to wait for them to arrive at their office or home to look on your website, they can be anywhere with their mobile phone.

7. Your site is taking a while to load.

A good website must load within 5 seconds and should immediately capture your visitor’s attention. Time is gold and visitors are not willing to wait for websites that loads longer. Slow loading time on your website is toxic to visitors. You should update with the latest patches to optimize your website or maybe you need to redo the website itself. Build everything new. It may seem a small problem if your website takes a while to load, but it plays a huge part when maintaining and engaging with your visitors.

8. You do not get the results you need.

Even if your website is ready to go, you must get results that you want to achieve on your website. Defining what you as a result will help your website’s direction for what to target. If it is not meeting the results, there is something that needs to be changed whether its the layout, the design or even approach.

Website redesign does a huge difference in increasing traffic and making it more appealing to your readers. If these answers some of the questions in your head about redesigning your website, send us a message for we could help you accomplish your website’s goals. Contact us today!