Creating a great customer experience plays a critical role in making more sales and staying ahead of the competition in the digital landscape. This is because today’s customers are used to “instant gratification” as they do not want to wait for almost anything. From buying stuff to finding information, everything is available instantly thanks to the presence of technology. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur running an eCommerce site, then it is important to adopt some smart tactics when it comes to creating an optimal online customer experience.

1. Create a Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps help you see the big picture and figure out how to fix a problem, enhancing your customer’s experience. These beautiful and visual maps draw full attention to the process experienced by your customers and will show you how you can enhance their journey with your brand and make it more efficient.

2. Understand Your Consumers

One of the challenges that many companies face when they are creating their customer experience initiatives is that they do not account for all of the different types of customers that they interact with. By understanding and incorporating all of the various types of individuals and groups who deal with your customer support teams, you will be able to create an environment that addresses their needs.

3. Better UI For Both PC and Mobile Customer Experience

Every business today is focused on providing an excellent customer experience. From product/service selection to the payment process, every detail has to be spot-on. For your website, the customer experience begins with the customer interface. The way your website looks and sounds is the first impression customers have of your brand. Even if it’s not the only touchpoint they ever have, a customer interaction through your website can potentially sway their buying decision.

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4. Capture Real-Time Customer Feedback

It is very important to ask for feedback from your customers because if you don’t, you run the risk of building a product that no one wants. A happy customer will refer you to their friends and help you achieve growth. Your happy clients are the seeds of success. And what’s better than easy and straightforward customer support? You can use it as an opportunity to keep your customers satisfied with your product and increase brand loyalty.

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5. Be Open to Employee Feedback

As a leader, you probably can’t get enough feedback from customers to inform your business direction, but what about the folks who see your customers every day and hear their complaints? Your frontline employees have fresh insights that can help you uncover blind spots, understand customer expectations, and improve customer satisfaction.

6. Measure ROI

You’ve identified your ideal customers, refining your value proposition, honed in on your target market, and done all the work you can to find more leads for your sales team. But what good does all this effort do if you can’t measure your return on investment (ROI)? Whether you’re a CMO, owner, or CEO, understanding what’s working and what isn’t is tremendously helpful in identifying the next steps you should take, whether it’s getting input from others or conducting further analysis.

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7. Improve Customer Service

To achieve optimal eCommerce conversion rates, you need a great customer experience as well as a good web design. The truth is, no matter how well your website converts leads to sales, if your customers are not happy with the service they receive, they will not want to come back. Great service is crucial to retaining a customer and turning an interested prospect into an advocate of your product. The best way to show your customers you care is to provide them with the service they expect. Customers today expect a personalized experience and appreciate brands that go above and beyond to meet their needs.

The customer experience is vital to any business, but it especially impacts the buyer’s journey in terms of getting them to interact with your website, or even make a purchase. Once you provide a great customer experience with your website and its overall layout, then you have to maintain that layout for people to come back. This is also imperative for online businesses, a medium where users largely depend on company websites for product comparisons and purchase information. To ensure a great customer experience, what you need are the right tools and a more organized content strategy that can help you create the best experiences for your customers.

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