Courier services in the Philippines are a booming industry. This is mainly driven by online shopping which is growing more popular on a daily basis. With this amount of prospective customers, you’re probably wondering where to find the best courier service within the industry. This is why we have created a list of the most popular and valuable courier services in the Philippines.

What is a Logistics or Courier Service?

Courier services are companies that help with postal delivery. People use courier services when they need to send parcels, letters, packages, and other documents. These services in the Philippines offer a range of logistic options that provide same-day, standard, or international delivery. So whether you’re shipping books, tablets or a humble pair of t-shirts weighing less than a sheet of paper, wrapping them up and sending it to your customers as quickly as possible is an essential part of your online business and that is why it’s also a must to know what kind of courier you would want for your business.

5 Types of Logistics or Courier Services Offered in The Philippines:

Customers can choose from five different types of courier and shipping services in the Philippines, and each one provides a specific set of services at an appropriate price point.

1. Standard – Standard service offers a low-cost way to ship parcels from one location to another. Packages are shipped from warehouses or distribution centers to local drop-off points and then delivered by courier service within a few days.

  1. Overnight –  This is the fastest way to get an item from one place to another, but it costs more than the standard shipping.
  1. Same-Day – While it costs the most of all courier services, This delivery gets packages from one point to another on the same day.
  1. International – International shipping involves moving goods from one country to another. The price depends on the size of the package and the speed of delivery you want. It can also range from one week to three months.
  1. Pallet – With the pallet service, your shipments have fewer handling procedures and are therefore less susceptible to damage. This enables you to deliver a wide range of goods safely and more cost-efficiently.

Express Delivery Services:

With the aid of apps such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, delivering your goods has never been smoother. With a little more effort, you can choose to download a courier app that will take care of your delivery needs. Below is a list of courier services that you might want to consider when looking for an easy and fast way to deliver your goods!

1. Transportify

Transportify is an on-demand courier service that allows you to book pickups and deliveries of goods via their mobile app. Just book a time and place with your driver, input the drop-off points, and they will come to pick up your goods and deliver them where you need them to go. They also have a wide range of economy vehicles to meet your transportation needs. It’s easy to book, and you can schedule orders up to two weeks in advance and make up to 15 drop-off points on a transaction

2. Lalamove

Another service that delivers goods between Metro Manila and nearby provinces is Lalamove, which can transport documents and personal items to furniture and even commercial goods. The company also has vans available for deliveries in addition to motorcycle services.

3. Grab

People are always talking about the ride-hailing services of Grab or ordering from your favorite restaurant with Grab Food. But did you know that it launched an e-commerce freight service called Grab Express back in 2018? It uses the same app for booking and tracking. Grab Express has positioned itself as the go-to delivery service for businesses operating in Metro Manila, with insurance covering parcels up to P10,000. The company also takes great pride in its rigorous training program for all of its delivery personnel.

4. Angkas

Did you know that Angkas, the popular motorcycle ride-hailing platform also offers delivery services? Angkas Padala is perfect for anyone who needs to deliver packages within Metro Manila but wants to save the hassle. Although their vehicle is only limited to a motorcycle which again, makes it perfect for delivering small packages and documents.

5. Mr. Speedy

Mr. Speedy has straightforward rates for as low as P60 + P6 per kilometer, making them cheaper than other competitors. With their fast and friendly customer service, you can expect a reply as soon as you contact them. They also made it more convenient for their customers with their cash-on-delivery services. Plus, you can integrate with their API if you have a website.

Cross-border Shipping and Warehousing

If your business cannot afford to set up a warehouse in the country that you want to sell to, or you don’t have the resources to partner with a third-party logistics company, consider using cross-border shipping. This process works like local shipping but involves paying duties on your product as well as adhering to other countries’ guidelines.

1. NinjaVan

Ninja Van is one of the most widely used courier services for Shopee. It’s fast, reliable, and even offers an online chat support system just in case you need to get in touch with its staff. This courier service’s biggest saving grace is, it doesn’t charge you a single cent for shipping if you make at least P250 worth of purchases from an online store — that’s another way of saying customers save a lot of money when using Ninja Van as their preferred courier service.

2. LBC

Over the years, LBC has grown to become the Philippines’ market leader in payments, money transfer, documents and mail, parcels and boxes, cargo, and logistics. With a growing network of over 6,400 locations and partners across 30 countries, LBC is dedicated to making things easier for your family and friends in the Philippines.

3. JRS Express

JRS Express offers a wide variety of services for both imports and exports. These include courier, freight forwarding, airport concierge services, and distribution. JRS Express can provide you with the means to ship letters, documents, and even heavy objects such as furniture.

4. 2Go

If you are looking for an express delivery service in the Philippines, one of the trusted and also largest courier service providers in the country is 2Go Express. Known not only for its great service but also for its dependable and friendly customer support, this courier service has truly gained wide acceptance among thousands of shopping enthusiasts for being one of the leading courier service providers here in the Philippines.

Before you decide on a courier service, check their rates and delivery time, the hourly rate charged per distance, how quickly they can react to your requests, and how they respond when there are damages or missing items in your package.

As you can see, there are a number of good logistics companies in the Philippines that you can choose from when it comes to your online shop. There’s certainly no shortage of options. All you have to do is look around, do a little research, and compare their rates and services. When it comes to logistics services in the Philippines, you’ve got options. If you’re looking to get goods shipped within the country, keep the companies mentioned above in mind.

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