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Which One Should Go First? Website or Social Media Marketing?

website vs. social media

A lot of business owners are using the internet to give their brand exposure to any potential clients. This gives any business owner the opportunity to update their marketing strategy, and get a lot of viewers or visitors on their website. There are plenty of resources on which type of platform you’re going to use for your business to boost its online presence with the use of a website or social media. But which one is best to use first?

In this article, we will break down points you can take note of if you’re a business owner looking for ways to promote your business.

1. Website

website first

1.1 Use a Website first

If you want to show credibility and reliability to your customers. In this modern age, a lot of people search online if they’re buying and looking for clothes, shoes, furniture, or anything they need. They look for further information that will certify a business and a product’s genuineness. That’s why on your website, it is necessary to put all the necessary information about your business that people want to know about, for an easy transaction. Creating your own website is less expensive than having a physical store.

1.2 Don’t use a website

If you’re going to use a free website builder for your business. The reason is that it may look unprofessional and some of the customers don’t take that kind of website seriously. In the end, free website hosts are not really free, and you might pay more than what you think. The worst part of this is you don’t have full control of your own website and it may shut down soon.

2. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

2.1 Use Social Media

If you want to boost your brand’s exposure easily and reach a wider audience by exerting a lot of time and effort. You’ll also need to put extra effort into getting closer to your customers, especially on making good impression on social media. To encourage more engagement to your customers, use the other feature from social media like doing a live video. Remember, show your business authentic side in social media because people like to feel close personally. Another benefit of using social media is being affordable, there are budget options on how you’ll advertise the brand with the amount you really need.

2.2 Don’t Use Social Media Marketing

If you want an exposure right away because without paid ads on social media it will be hard for your post or brand to be seen immediately by your desired customers. Every business starts at the very bottom (we all know that, right?), but having an audience online is not easy. A lot of people use social media for some sort of entertainment, and most of the posts they see on their feed do not stay for long if there are only a few people who liked, shared, and commented on it. So you will have to be strategic in posting things through social media. Make sure it’s something that will get the attention of your target audience and will drive them to take action.

3. Both

using both website and social media

3.1 Use Both Social Media and Website

If you want to drive traffic on search engines, such as Google. Social media and website should compliment each other by linking each other sites vice versa and keeping your customers informed about the two platforms. Having both social media and website shows credibility in the industry and will give you a good balance of visitors online.

3.2 Don’t Use Both

If it is not necessary for your target customers, (but with this internet era, it’s rare to not use both or either of them.) In rare cases, if your business doesn’t need that an online presence with your current situation, then let it be because, in the end, it will still depend on your marketing strategy.

Overall, engagement with your customers is important in your business. Having a good relationship with them is one of the keys to a successful business. It is up to you to decide which platform to use to get connected to more customers.

If you’re interested in having a website and helping to create a strategy for your social media, contact us now! And we will help you have a reliable online store for you and your customers.

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