A lot of business owners are using the internet to give their brand exposure to any potential clients. This gives any business owner the opportunity to update their marketing strategy, and increase their reach and visibility for their brand. There are plenty of resources on which type of platform you’re going to use for your business to boost its online presence with the use of a website or social media. But which one is best to use first?

In this article, we will break down points you can take note of if you’re a business owner looking for ways to promote your business.

1. Website

website first

1.1 Use a Website first

Having a website helps in building your credibility, reliability and accessibility to your customers. In this modern age, a lot of people search online if they’re buying and looking for clothes, shoes, furniture, or anything they need. They look for further information that will certify a business and a product’s genuineness. That’s why on your website, it is necessary to put all the necessary and relevant information about your business and what you offer. It helps people understand better and have easy transaction with you and your business. Creating your own website is less expensive than having a physical store.

1.2 Don’t use a website

It’s not advisable if you’re going to use a free website builder for your business. Instead of making your business increase its credibility, it does the opposite. The reason is that it doesn’t look professional with all unwanted ads on your site, domain that is not yours and not a flexible design. Some of the customers don’t take that kind of website seriously. In the end, free website hosts are not really free, and it might cost you more than what you think. The worst part of this is you don’t have full control of your own website and it may shut down soon.

2. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

2.1 Use Social Media

Social media platforms has changed the game of marketing. It enables brands and businesses to level the opportunity to create brand awareness and increase your reach to your possible audience or client. But it’s not as easy as 1,2,3. You have to understand how it works and it’s not just about posting. It needs your time, effort and especially budget. Doing social media is an effective way to do you marketing. It cost lesser than traditional tv, billboard and print ads marketing. You have 2 options on doing it, it’s either “Do-It-Yourself” or hire a professional. Having it DIY will cost less but will ask more of your time to study and learn it to make sure that what you are doing will give you a beneficial result and reaching your goal. On the other hand, hiring a professional whether an individual or an agency can cost you higher but it gives you faster time and better strategy and result. Whatever way you choose to do, the end goals are to get closer to your customers, make good impression, encourage more engagement with customers and create better sales.

2.2 Don’t Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to market. But if you want an exposure right away without paid ads or boosting, it will be hard for your brand to be seen immediately by your desired customers. Every business starts at the very bottom (we all know that, right?), and having an audience online is not easy as well that it starts from none also. A lot of people use social media for mainly for entertainment, and most of the posts that they see on their feeds are customized to their preferences. In order to reach your possible customer and create engagement in their feeds, you have to have a proper strategy, data and boost from ads to be seen and noticed.

3. Both

using both website and social media

3.1 Use Both Social Media and Website

Social media and website compliments each other. They are both helpful in building your online presence and brand awareness. Linking and promoting the platforms together would even bring higher result of audience traffic towards your brand. It increases your credibility in the industry and will give you a good balance of visitors online. It gives your a more holistic online marketing effort.

3.2 Don’t Use Both

If it is not necessary for your target customers, (but with this internet era, it’s rare to not use both or either of them.) In rare cases, if your business doesn’t need that an online presence with your current situation, then let it be because, in the end, it will still depend on your marketing strategy.

Overall, engagement with your customers is important in your business. Having a good relationship with them is one of the keys to a successful business. It is up to you to decide which platform to use to get connected to more customers.

If you’re interested in having a website or in need of help to create a strategy for your social media, partner with us today! Let us help you build your online presence and reach your possible customers.

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