Before anything else, what is Instagram Stories and how does it work? To answer that, Instagram Stories is the same as Snapchat, the contents here are usually photos or  15-second video clips. People use this to post stories to share with their friends and followers. Followers can also react to the stories and comment on them.

So, why do you need to use Instagram Stories for your business? Here are the reasons why this hit Instagram feature is a great tool for your business:

1. Connects You to Customers

connects you to customers

Instagram has over 1 billion users and as a business owner, this is a great way of promoting your product. People like to browse on social media during their free time, that’s why if you’re diligent in posting and sharing stories online, chances are, you could get more customers. Just be creative in doing content for your Instagram stories. Create a call-to-action in your stories, such as a poll or emoji slider that will determine your customer’s satisfaction. If your business account is verified or has over 10,000 followers you could add links directly to your website below the stories.

2. Expands Social Media Presence

expanding your social media presence

Creating stories have a high chance to increase your business social media presence. Interaction with your customers through social media can easily help establish your target market. This could be an advantage if your demographics are younger people who are mostly online. Being present on social media enables you to connect regularly to your target market, so they will also be able to keep in touch with you. It is just up to how you are going to make use of Instagram Stories to attract and gain followers to your business.

3. Can be Used to Update Your Product Frequently

woman updating her product for instagram stories

Sharing significant updates about your business in your Instagram Stories can let your followers and potential customers know what is happening and what products they need to look forward to. Show them your products by teasing them with video clips and photos highlighting your brand. You can also use Instagram Stories to promote contests on how to get different best-selling products or introduce discount coupons to purchase your product. Just use some features that are available on Instagram to be more engaging to your target market. This could be a picture with the brand or video contest including hashtags or other features your customer can use.

Instagram is almost a decade-old app, but they are still looking for ways to cater to what online users would love. And Instagram Stories is a great feature to use for business owners who continue to strive to be known and get connected to more customers.

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