For the past years, Google and Social Media sites have become an important tool and platform for business owners to market and advertise their brand and services. These platforms are used by business owners to attract more customers by posting their own content. When it comes to social media, Facebook is one of the most used websites in the world, especially in the Philippines. 

Using Facebook has become part of our daily routine; we post, like, and share the things we want to see and what other people would want to see. As Facebook continues to grow, it also widened its reach by launching ‘Facebook Marketplace’ in 2016. This feature gives every entrepreneur and business owner the chance to sell their products online, and for business owners who have their own page, Facebook also added a feature for e-commerce.

A lot of small and big business owners in the Philippines are using Facebook to promote brand awareness, and you’re thinking why is it important? Here is a list of reasons why Facebook is important for business in the Philippines:

1. It is the Most Used Social Media

most used social media

As of this year 2019, Facebook has at least 2.38 billion users and has become the most used social media in the Philippines. With the number of users in just Facebook alone, just think of how many people will be reached by your business. You could effortlessly gain followers who are also potential customers in the process. 

2. It has Target Audience Feature

target audience feature

This feature is the most important and useful when it comes to advertising your business. It’s much easier to reach your target by putting the specific age, gender, interests,  and more. When you create a campaign for your business page it can easily reach them. You just have to create content that will draw the customer’s attention.

You can extend your reach to other customers outside of your fans or followers,  and you can also target foreign customers, all depending on your target market. A good tip is to add the local cities and other countries that you want to target, so as to be more specific. Doing that will help more potential customers see and know what your brand is all about, plus it will be easier for them to find you. 

3. It Easily Gains More Followers- Turned-Customers

gains more follower

Using Facebook to market your brand helps you turn followers into customers. As mentioned above, Facebook has the most number of users in the Philippines, that alone can be a good start to introduce the concept of your business to the public, especially if you are just starting your business.  

But like any other business promotions, you still have to exert effort and reach out to the customers. Do not let public contents and posts through your page do all the talking for you. As a business owner, you have to show good and proper communication to your customers by being available and approachable for sudden inquiries. 

4. Affordable Advertising

affordable advertising

If you’re new in online business or you have a small business, Facebook is a good start to advertise your brand. Since Facebook is accessible with internet, you don’t need to release a large amount of money just to advertise your brand. It’s your choice whether you’re going to spend money or not when advertising your business, but if you choose to do it in a simpler way, you can just create a Facebook page for free. Do not get us wrong, there are still budget-friendly advertisements on Facebook, you just have to know what your business needs. 

5. Tools and Features for Promotion

tools and features for promotion

Other than the target audience itself, there are plenty of tools to use in promoting, like posting photos and videos. You can add some spice when posting content on Facebook, you can use a carousel, get messages, get shop visits, tag product, instant experiences, and more. Those tools and features will help you interact more with your customers. Just keep in mind to create sensible and quality posts and contents that will catch the interest of your customers. 

In the end, your main goal as a business owner is to reach more people who can be potential customers, so that you are able to cater to their needs and provide good services. Thank the mobile age of our generation, reaching,  and communicating with other people is much easier, especially for every business owner.

If you want to know more about the importance of social media marketing, visit our blog. And if you’re considering using Facebook for your business, look no further and contact us today! We are glad to help you grow your business.

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