Most of the time, myths surrounding the use of video as part of a business’ marketing strategy becomes an impediment that causes their unwillingness to invest in video marketing. In fact, given the development of technology advancements throughout the years, video marketing also grew and was deemed as an effective and important tool in helping businesses explain what their brand is all about, get a good ROI, improve SEO and engagement, establish audience trust, and more. On top of that, 92% of marketers say that video is an indispensable part of their marketing strategy, so you really can’t shrug off the idea that this approach is working and it’s surely able to provide some good benefits to your business. 

Uncovering 5 Video Marketing Myths

As we uncover video marketing myths, we’ll also be debunking them so you don’t have to keep believing them. 

Myth #1: It’s Too Time-Consuming

One of the reasons why people feel discouraged to go the video marketing route is because they think that the editing process takes a lot of time. This is especially true with small businesses who lack manpower. With all the details such as the animations, graphics, and texts you need to incorporate in one video, you would automatically think that it really is a piece of work. You would also think that you will need more people to do the job. But in reality, with all the accessible tools today, it’s a lot easier to produce videos. Technology advancements such as smartphones allow us to shoot videos and produce high quality results even without a professional camera at hand. If you’re just starting out, you can try out different video editing apps and see which one would suits you best. 

Myth #2: It’s Difficult to Track

The metrics in marketing is crucial to track for marketers because it enables you to know and understand how well your campaigns are going. Not being able to track or measure the success of your marketing campaigns can be risky since you won’t know whether they were effective or not, and which ones gave a relatively positive impact on your sales and lead generation. Now, videos are often viewed as being difficult to track. However, that’s not true as they’re actually highly trackable.  It only becomes hard to track when you use free video hosting platforms such as YouTube — because platforms like this can come with restrictions. 

YouTube is a go-to video platform for many online users and businesses alike, but if you want to be able to track your marketing campaign’s performance, you will have to invest in video platforms such as Wistia as they allow you keep track of the performance of your videos and all other metrics you need. And since this video platform has that kind of feature, you won’t have trouble knowing which ones were able to create an impression on your target audience, how many views there were, generate leads, and determine the conversion and click-through rate.

Myth #3: It’s Not That Flexible

To say that videos aren’t that flexible is perhaps the biggest myth about video marketing. This is because you can easily reuse or repurpose videos. Most of them are dynamic and fun, so they are great for increasing open rates as well as click-through rates for your landing pages. Videos are also also a fine addition to your social media marketing because they catch attention, which can potentially generate more leads for your business. People today, particularly with the presence of social media and other video platforms, are too fond of watching videos that it’s unfit to say that videos won’t do much as a marketing tool to grow your business.

Myth #4: It’s Very Costly

When the budget is tight, it becomes a huge issue, especially for small businesses who are just starting out. The wrong notion that marketing strategies like video marketing is costly almost always puts off businesses who want to try it. However, the reality is that you don’t have to break the bank just to produce videos that boosts lead generation and sales. 

Focusing too much on just the quality of the video won’t get you anywhere because as reported by HubSpot Research, customers and consumers still prefer lower quality yet authentic videos than high-quality ones that are artificial and irrelevant. So it means that it pays to take a look at what kind of content you are giving your audience. Yes, sure good graphics, bitrate, smoothness, and more creates a positive impression on the visuals, but if its content doesn’t make sense and doesn’t make an impact on the customer, then your investment would be put to waste. 

Video marketing won’t require you to have a huge budget just to deem the campaign successful. In other words, you can produce engaging, relatable, and informative video even with a small chunk of your marketing budget. There are several affordable tools out there that you can utilize to create videos without spending a lot of money. At the end of the day, people love a good relatable story, so it’s best to focus on the content itself. 

Myth #5: It Has to Go Viral For It To Be Effective

Living in a digital world that’s surrounded by viral videos automatically brings out the idea that only viral videos are considered successful and effective. But that’s a big NO. In video marketing, going viral is not the goal. It does have some perks to it because it means more exposure for your brand — however, again, it’s not how you measure the success of video marketing because you’ll still have to consider whether your target audience were able to see it or not. Ultimately, your goal should be to reach your target audience and engage them, so they can proceed to the next action. More than the quantity and gaining popularity that’s short-lived, do aim for quality with long-term relevance to your target market.

The times people believed some myth or misconception about digital marketing strategies like video marketing has lead them to step away from investing in something that can potentially deliver good results and grow their business. These myths often deter you and make video marketing sound difficult to attain. But it’s actually far from anything like that. 

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