Both Facebook and Instagram are now owned by the same company and even that’s the case there are still cases that they’re different from one another. Stories are one of the features of social media that business owners shouldn’t ignore because using them can help businesses get better engagements from their customers that can lead to more revenue. 

These stories only last for 24 hours that’s why it’s important to plan on what to post on this platform that can make your audience more engaged. Also, do you know you can now schedule your stories? To save time, use a scheduling app for stories to schedule your stories any time and day you want. That being said, we’re here to breakdown on the differences between these two social media stories platforms.

1. Advantage of Facebook Stories

facebook stories advantage

Facebook stories can be both shown on the top of the news feed for PC and Facebook app that can be viewed by your followers. Your stories for business are shown to the public, and there’s a high chance you can reach other Facebook users. You can post whether it’s a photo or a video clip, and the time for the video can last up to 20 seconds.  And if you own a Facebook page, your stories will be viewed by your followers and can also make an ad for your Facebook Stories. You can come up with promos using the Stories feature on your Facebook page. In this way, you and your customers will engage well and a lot closer to one another.

2. Advantage of Instagram Stories

advantage of IG stories

Same to Facebook stories, you can also make an ad through your IG stories in a photo form or video. Instagram stories are properly aligned above the app’s news feed, which you’ll notice first when you use your Instagram. If you’re using PC to check stories they are placed on the right side of the screen. And we all know that all of the stories lasted for only 24 hours, but on Instagram, it can stay forever with Stories Highlights feature. It gives an opportunity for your followers to revisit what you post on the other day. In this highlight feature, take the benefits of using this for your business, you can include here your products, announcement, history, etc.

3. Different Features

different app features

They may be owned by the same company, but when it comes to the tools and features they are very different. Here are the differences between Instagram and Facebook on their features to their stories:

IG Stories Features

  • IG Live
  • Boomerang
  • Superzoom
  • Rewind
  • Handsfree
  • Stickers (including location, hashtag, gif, polls/quiz, texts, etc.)
  • Face filters
  • Browse Effect

FB Stories Features

  • Text
  • Selfie
  • Boomerang
  • Live Video
  • Face Filters
  • Stickers (including locations, temperature, feelings, gif, polls, fundraiser, etc.)

When it comes in stickers and such, Facebook has limited stickers while on Instagram it has plenty of stickers to choose from. But both of the platforms allow you to use links, in Facebook case you can share a link through desktop and mobile, for Instagram you need to have 10,000 followers. If you don’t have that many followers you can link your IGTV in your stories. Or you have to change your IG account into a business account in order to link and promote your stories to other viewers.

4. The One that Suits Your Target Market

target market

To help you decide on where to promote your stories’ content, you need to realize first on where do you usually negotiate with your customers. If you have a wider audience that is 18 years old and above, chances are Facebook Stories will work best for you. Instagram Stories works best for Gen Z and Millennials. But overall, both social media can be used by to target young audiences, you just need to know which one gives you better results. So you have do a test on this because it will vary from place to place or country to country.

Choose a platform where your marketing strategy works effectively and remember to create stories that you can connect with your followers, so no need to overthink it. Post something relatable to your followers that is based on your business and you can also post something like an announcement or live video for your event. To have an idea of what to post on stories here’s our blog on how to promote your business using Instagram Stories.

If most of your followers follow you in these two social media platforms you can always connect them, so whenever you’re uploading on Instagram it will also automatically uploads on Facebook. Side note, some features on Instagram only works for them that’s why think a content that suits both platforms. 

Now that we learn the differences of these social media websites what do you think will work more for your business? Will you choose both? We love to know your thoughts on the comment below about using stories for your business.

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