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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Entirely Rely on Social Media for Business

reasons why you can't entirely rely on social media

Checking and using social media has become part of our daily lives, and through the years it evolves. Nowadays, social media is one of the go-to’s for advertisements and promotions for a lot of businesses worldwide. These sites help a lot of business owners and organizations to promote brand awareness and reach their target audience. There are also plenty of business stories that start in social media and as they grow, they started to have their own website and of course their own store.

It’s true that using social media for your business is helpful and can give you quite a number of opportunities to reach more people and sell your brand, but not all the time. Here are the 4 reasons why you can’t entirely rely on social media for your business:

1.   Your Customer is Their Customer too


First of all, the whole site is not yours and the users of the site are their customers because overall they’re the ones who are in control of the social media site. Earlier we mentioned that some businesses grow through social media, but there are also some business owners or entrepreneurs who fail in doing business using social media. When using social media for business you need to be extra careful on posting and interacting with your customers. 

2. Organic Posts Becomes a Problem

organic posts problem

Organic posts or reach is one of the main problems in social media, especially for small business owners. Even though using social media is free, there are times when you need to do ads just to reach your target audience. For small business owners, you need to be smart about what kind of content you’re going to post that will give you potential customers. You should also be smart in spending your money on ads for your business. Make sure that you are to get your money’s worth. 

3. Trouble with SEO

trouble with SEO

When it comes to SEO, we don’t know how and when Google will detect the posts in social media. We all know that Google barely shares content from any social media sites. Also, social media content will only be visible when it’s following the flow in search engines. 

4.  When the Website is Down

website is down

Last April of 2019, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram went down for more than two hours which resulted in a lot of users who experienced issues.  Most people panicked during this event, including business owners’ account/page, as they were trying to refresh it for how many times. When the site is down, it will also affect business owners who are doing live stream or any online engagements of some sort with the customers via social media. Plus, it will be difficult for business owners who rely on social media to reach customers and do promotions. 

Social Media is truly one of the most effective tools when doing business, especially in this digital age. But like any other tool for anything, it also has limitations and in the process would need some time to get fixed. That’s why if you’re a business owner, it is best to have other ways to reach customers and sell your brand, so that when such glitch happens, you will be prepared. 

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