We all know that the Philippines is one of the leading users when it comes to social media. And on the recent demographics last May 2019, the average number of users of Instagram is at least 9 million people. The internet, especially social media, has become part of our daily lives because we can check the news or socialize with our friends anytime. Instagram is one of the most popular social media right now; this is where you can post your photos, videos, and stories. Last 2015 is the year when Instagram started to serve in the marketing industry. Even before they launched it to the marketers, a lot of business owners have already been using Instagram for their brand to reach their target market.

Why Instagram is Important for Businesses in the Philippines

With all the things mentioned above, you’re still wondering how will Instagram help your business, right? We won’t keep you for long, here are reasons why Instagram is important for your business:

1. Great for Engagements

Instagram is considered to have millions of active users that engage in posts. Average users of this app share more than 95 million posts per day, whether it is a photo or a video. In research last 2015, it was also discovered that Instagram has the highest interactions when it comes to promoting brands than other social media apps. With Instagram, you can easily build a community of fans/followers for your business.

2. Great for Visual Contents

We all know that Instagram started as a photo-sharing app,  then later on also became a platform for uploading videos and selling products. Visual content has become the most useful tactic when it comes to digital marketing. The “IG Story” is an Instagram feature that is not only interactive but is also a way to display good visual content. It has been widely used even by different brands for promotion. 

According to studies, there is an 80% chance that people will remember what they see. That’s why we recommend you to post photos that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of your audience. You can also post some short tutorials that are related to your business, behind the scenes, infographics,  and many more.

3. It Has Consistent Feed

Unlike Facebook, Instagram cannot filter your feed that’s why your followers will see your posts while scrolling. This is why frequently posting photos and videos in this app is a good way to promote your brand because there’s a high chance your followers will see and buy your product. 

We hope this article has helped you know more about Instagram’s influence and importance in promoting your business in the Philippines.

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