Being a small business owner, you utilize the power of Facebook Marketing to connect with your customers, market your products and services, and target potential buyers. While it’s important to pay attention to your business’ Facebook presence, you might also find that focusing on specific marketing ideas is the most effective way forward. So in this article, we’ll focus on 8 different marketing ideas that you can use to give your business an edge over its competition.

8 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

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1. Create a Schedule For Your Content

You might be surprised to find that from time to time, Facebook posts during the evening perform best. If you’re a small business owner, you might even feel pressure to be online at all hours of the day to post content for your business page. But if you’re using a content calendar, you can schedule posts ahead of time so your Facebook page is always looking active and engaged. It’s also worth noting that Facebook Insights is an excellent tool for marketing insights in general.

This way, you can make sure that every single day there will be fresh, interesting content for your community. Having a plan on how you’ll distribute the content and when, allows you to spend more time on creating quality content and not just randomly posting thoughts or headlines.

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2. Customize Your Profile Page

No matter what business you are offering, customers expect the same thing when it comes to the structure of your content. The goal of your Facebook Page tabs is to provide relevant information about your business and serve as a mechanism for communicating on a 1:1 level with your customers. Tab rationalization is often a process that requires planning and research. Take the time to properly evaluate your target audience and their needs. By understanding your target audience and the specific information they seek, you can begin to make decisions about which tabs to remove or reorganize

3. Include Branding in Your Visual Content

You can create different kinds of content that can attract leads and you can do so by introducing your business in the first few seconds of your video ad or within the first few sentences of your Ad copy. You can keep your branding unobtrusive by keeping it simple and informative, but don’t make people wait until the end to learn who you are. In addition, when writing to promote a product or service, it is important to use phrases that are meaningful and convey the value of what you are selling.

 4. Promote to Your Target Niche

Facebook is a very popular social network that can also be used as a powerful digital marketing platform. The idea behind using Facebook to promote your business is simple: instead of looking for new customers, you can try to find existing customers who are known to buy from your brand on a regular basis. While researching your potential target audience, you may have identified some users who directly match your ideal customer. But, have you considered those with indirect affinities? Whatever you choose, the idea is still pretty much the same: people with similar taste, background, and preferences to your target demographic are a market share ready for the taking.

5. Consistently Add to Your Facebook Story

Facebook has been rapidly evolving into a robust content advertising platform. In the early days, businesses only had access to advertising on the News Feed, but now they have various ad types that help them target users based on many different metrics. One of these ad types is the story ad which is making waves for its effectiveness in connecting with users and giving businesses more control regarding how they locate their audience. The thing about story ads, however, is that you have to first create an interesting and engaging story before you can place your business message in it. This process may sound daunting but thanks to Facebook’s tool called the planner, you can start planning your story in advance and save yourself some time later on.

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6. Optimize Your Audience and Page Insights

Do you know what type of customers are the most active? What are the average age ranges of your audience? What does their profile picture look like? Facebook insights can give you all this and more. Audience Insights is a reliable source that helps you gather information about your current customers, potential customers, and everything in between. It allows you to take a good look at your most frequent posts; their countries, ages and gender. It also shows you which of your posts are getting the most engagement, so you can create more of those.

7. Take Advantage of Visual Content

Compelling visual content on your social media is a must. It can help you stand out from the competition, give you an edge over the generic feel of too many Facebook posts, and bring in more leads for your business. There is a reason why visual content consistently beats text-based information. Visual content absorbs more attention than text on social media because people have shorter attention spans and a limited time to spend looking at posts in their newsfeeds. This means the content has to be interesting, surprising or hilarious so that people can’t help but read through it.

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8. Go Live to Connect with Your Audience in Real Time

Do you want to engage with your audience? Do you want to cut through the clutter in a noisy industry? Live streaming is a great way to cut through the noise and connect instantly with your audience. Facebook Live allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level than traditional video. However, there is a significant time investment involved in making the transition to live video. Facebook has given live video a boost by rewarding brands that use it with more reach and engagement, meaning you can quickly set yourself apart from your competition if you take the plunge and broadcast live in the coming months.

Maintaining a consistent marketing presence requires a plan and excellent execution. In the digital age, where individuals interact with businesses via social media, you have 24/7 engagement opportunities. However, it’s not enough to just reach people on your business page and hope for the best. If you take away only one thing from this article, we want it to be this: Think about your business page as an integral part of your overall marketing plan. Take the time to develop a strategy that includes how you will use insights from your business page data in concert with tactics found in this article. It’s the best way to ensure that your small business is getting a lot out of its Facebook marketing efforts. 

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